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  • Anime Nostalgia: Toonami

    Anime Nostalgia: Toonami

    Toonami came into our lives on Monday, March 17, 1997. The first block of cartoons hosted by Space Ghost’s Moltar. Among the first cartoons showed, Voltron was able to slip through. This is the first anime to air on Toonami. Space Ghost stayed the host for several years until Tom came along. Until 2008, Toonami aired on Cartton Network. It was not until 2012 that Cartoon Network brought Toonami back as part of Adult Swim. All the while, Tom has showed us what anime was and how amazing it could be.

    Popular Animes Aired on Toonami:

    Click on the Anime to watch the Toonami trailer.

    Robotech Toonami
    One of the first anime’s in Toonami


    Sailor Moon Toonami
    A popular female anime
    Dragon Ball Z Toonami
    Possibly the most popular anime on Toonami
    Ronin Warriors


    Gundam Wing Toonami
    The first Gundam series to appear on Cartoon Network
    Tenchi Muyo Toonami
    Another classic Toonami anime
    Outlaw Star Toonami
    A popular sci-fi anime.
    Cardcaptor Toonami
    Another popular female anime.
    Hamtaro Toonami
    A cute anime!
    G Gundam Toonami
    Another popular Gundam series.
    Toonami .hack//Sign
    .hack//Sign is also a popular video game.
    Neon Genesis Evangelion Toonami
    A very popular, but confusing anime
    Yu Yu Hakusho Toonami
    A long running series
    Rurouni Kenshin Toonami
    A samurai historic anime
    Cyborg 009 Toonami
    This was a weird one
    Gundam Seed Toonami
    Gundam series were quite popular
    One Piece Toonami
    Popular amongst younger teens
    Naruto Toonami
    A popular long running series
    Bleach Toonami
    A very popular anime
    Cowboy Bebop Toonami
    My personal favorite
    Trigun Toonami
    Another of my favorites
    Fullmetal Alchemist
    A popular anime series
    Ghost in the Shell Toonami
    A classic anime
    InuYasha Toonami
    Another long running series
    Soul Eater Toonami
    A most recent Toonami anime