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  • Character of the Month: Shūkurō Tsukishima

    Shūkurō Tsukishima

    Anime: Bleach

    Shūkurō Tsukishima
    Age: looks to be in late 20s
    Birthday: February 4th
    Gender: Male
    Race: Soul
    Affiliation: Kūgo Ginjō
    Previous Affiliation: Xcution
    Base of Operation: Naruki City, Japan
    Fullbring: Book of the End



    Shūkurō Tsukishima

    Tsukishima is a former member of the group, Xcution. Xcution is a group of Fullbring users (I’ll explain later). He has brown eyes and black wavy hair that’s to his shoulders. He also has a visible scar on the left side of his face… above his eye due to a wound he got as a child. His attire is sort of nerd like; he wears a long sleeved collar shirt and black pants with suspenders. He is seen having and reading a book. He has a bookmark too, in which his Fullbring is sealed in.

    Tsukishima personality can be best described as cold. He rarely smiles and show emotion. He is very calm and collected as shown, but in reality, he is not. In battles, he is very cautious and composed. He is also sadistic due to his Fullbring power (I’ll explain this later too). He pushes his victims to the point of having a mental breakdown and without helping, watches them suffer. Not only that but, he’s extremely devoted to Kūgo. Kūgo is the first Substitute Shinigami who taught him how to survive, but not what to do in case he were to die. This is best shown when Ichigo, the current Substitute Shinigami who defeated Kūgo. Tsukishima was extremely upset and tried to kill Ichigo, but Riruka intervened so he cried in anguish.

    Tsukishima met Kūgo after he was seen alone and told him from that day on, he would come with him. This is how he was taught to survive: how to use his power and of course how to fight. Later on, they meet more Fullbringers and thus Xcution was formed. The members consist of Riruka, Yukio, Jackie and Giriko. Chad and Ichigo then joined seventeen months later. In Kūgo’s view, Tsukishima had gathered several different people’s Fullbring abilities in order to find a way to erase their powers. He formed a plan to pass their powers onto a Substitute Shinigami forming Xcution. Once the process begins, he had a change of heart and killed the Substitute Shinigami and others who were relieved of their powers. Tsukishima goal is to keep Ichigo away from them. This whole story is a complete lie created by his Fullbring in order to deceive Ichigo and take his Fullbring power so Kūgo can share it with the other Fullbringers.


    What is Fullbring?

    Shūkurō Tsukishima

    Before I discuss Tsukishima’s fighting abilities and Fullbring, I’m going to explain what a Fullbring is. Fullbringers are spiritually-aware born humans with the ability to use Fullbring. This allows them to manipulate souls that reside in all physical matter. The power resembles closely to a Hollow than a Shinigami. Each Fullbringer had a parent who survived a Hollow attack and traces of that Hollow power remained in their mothers’ bodies, so at birth, that power is passed onto them. Fullbring is a ability that enables them to manipulate the souls contained within matter. This power can be realized at any age; meaning it varies. So for example, you can be 10 when you discover your Fullbring ability. Lastly, they use their physical bodies due to extensive training. They build their stamina so they can use their power better. When a Fullbringer dies, all traces of their abilities disappears from the world, but they do carry their abilities into the afterlife.

    Tsukishima is very skilled in swordfighting. He can battle Ichigo and Kūgo without using his Fullbring. He also has tremendous speed in which he can strike an opponent before they can react. He also has excellent endurance in which he can still attack while being severely injured. He has superb durability, which means he can get kicked across two football fields and still not suffer any serious injuries. Additionally, he has a great amount of spiritual awareness.

    Book of the End is Tsukishima’s Fullbring ability. It’s a katana that has a bookmark shaped tsuba and is sealed in his bookmark. This is pretty cool if you ask me, because you can just pull out your bookmark and BOOM there’s your sword. Anyway, the sword itself can cut through anything and is capable of two types of cuts. One cut can injure or kill an opponent, as shown when Uryu Ishida was injured by his sword. The other cut allows him to insert himself into a person’s past. This cut was used more than the first cut. He’s capable of doing both simultaneously too.

    Insert Presence: This is the ability to split the past of whoever it cuts.
    The victims of this see Tsukishima as someone close to them such as a friend, relative or lover. This is best shown with Ichigo friends and sisters. They viewed Tsukishima as a friend who has always been there for them, while his sister viewed him as a family member. Tsukishima gains knowledge of their memories and can modify their past. However, the downfall of this ability is if a victim realizes that their past is inconsistent with reality, then they are at risk of having a mental breakdown. The bonus of this ability however, is it can be reversed if a victim is cut again or if Tsukishima dies they return back to normal.

    Shūkurō Tsukishima

    I chose Tsukishima as my character of the month because he’s cool. He doesn’t judge anyone and is carefree. I would say that his sneak attacks are coward moves. He’s good at fighting so there really isn’t a need for it… well, unless he wants the upper hand then by all means sneak attack as much as he like. Also, when he pops up out of nowhere it’s sort of creepy. I don’t remember which episode, but when he suddenly appeared on Orihime’s porch reading a book… like dude where you come from? He is cool and cocky just a bit… naw he’s cocky. The only thing I don’t like about him is that he’s shown as boring. What I mean by this is he appears, talk smack, cut and leaves… like dude can you do something else? This gives me the feeling that he is boring, but he’s still cool because he can fight and his Fullbring is nice.