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    Tsunayoshi Sawada

    Tsuna Sawada

    Anime: Katekyo Hitman Reborn

    Other names: Tsuna, No-Good Tsuna, Vongola Decimo, Vongola Neo Primo, Tenth
    DOB: October 14
    Star Sign: Libra
    Age: 14
    Blood Type: A
    Height: 157cm (5’2″)
    Weight: 46.5 Kg(105.2Lb)
    Occupation: Vongola Mafia; tenth generation boss

    Dying Will Flame: the ability to control the Sky flame. The sky flame is the ability of Harmony that turns people to stone; along with giving him increased agility and power.
    Cambio Forma Mode Difesa: a cloak that can block all dying will flames.
    Cambio Forma Mode Attaco: concentrating all flames into one point and striking the enemy.
    Zero Point Breakthrough, first version: the ability to freeze dying will flames.
    Zero Point Breakthrough, custom/revised: ability to absorb dying will flame and make it his own power

    X Gloves: gloves that use dying will flames; increasing strength and agility.
    Vongola Sky Ring: increases the strength of his flame.
    Natsu (Leone di Cilei): Leon of the Sky that transforms into his Cambio Forma.
    Ring of the Sky Version X: gives him new armor and more control of his dying will flame.


    Tsuna Sawada

    “My Pride is my comrades, my friends” -Tsuna

    Tsunayoshi Sawada is the main protagonist of Katekyo Hitman Reborn. He is a weak, shy boy that gets horrible grades and can’t confess to the girl he loves. Called no-good Tsuna by most, he is told he is to become the next leader of a mafia, which he refuses being that he is weak and scared of everything. He later makes friends and his attitude slowly changes and becomes brighter, but still refuses to be a mafia boss. He later gets mixed up in the mafia to his dismay, but he is always willing to fight for his friends, but never for the Vongola. He ends up fighting many battles to protect his friends and the future, along with his 6 guardians of the sky. He later becomes stronger and his attitude of fear and doubt change to confidence in his friends and his mafia teacher, Reborn. Reborn is small, has brown hair, along with brown eyes – except for when he goes in dying will mode, which in turn changes his eye color orange, along with a bright orange flame appearing on his forehead.

    Tsunayoshi means main point, lucky, or bond.
    Sawada means stream or wetlands.
    He is connected with the number 27, since tsu sounds like 2, and 7 is nana, hence tsu-na.
    Tsuna’s syllables backwards is Natsu, which is his Vongola box Sky Leon.

    Chosen by Tsuna Decimo