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  • Sailor Moon: Silver Crystal and Sword

    Sailor Moon: Silver Crystal and Sword

    The Silver Crystal of Sailor Moon is a very sought after object. It has great power, so no wonder why everyone wants it. It is said to be the most powerful object in the universe. The Silver Crystal focuses the energy of the user to perform many different feats. The user may be able to revive an entire planet, but it comes at a great price. The person can lose their life.

    The Silver Crystal originally belonged to Sailor Moon’s mother, Queen Serenity. She used the crystal to not only protect the Moon Kingdom, but Earth as well. This was also the source of the long life span of the people of the moon.Queen Serenity used the crystal to seal away Queen Beryl after she destroyed the Moon Kingdom and killed Princess Serenity (Sailor Moon) and Prince Endymion (Tuxedo Mask). Queen Serenity also used the power to send her daughter and her protectors to be reborn in the future on Earth. She died shortly after doing this.

    In the Manga, the Silver Crystal was the main desire of the Dark Kingdom and Tuxedo Mask at the beginning of the arc. The Dark Kingdom only wanted the power while Tuxedo Mask wanted to restore his lost memories. The Silver Crystal makes its first appearance in Act 9. Here Tuxedo Mask protects Sailor Moon from Kunzite. She remembers her past and Prince Endymion. When he dies in her arms, she suffers to much and as a tear flowed form her cheek it formed the Silver Crystal. Part of it went into Tuxedo Mask’s body and he was taken by Kunzite.

    Sailor Moon kept the in the Crystal Star, her second transformation compact. She usually uses it to defeat each final villain. There are two primary uses for the crystal; a powerful attack adn to rejuvenate. When using the Moon Stick, the Silver Crystal creates more control and focus power. The true power of the crystal depends on the persons heart and the moon.

    In the Anime the story is a little different. After the Moon Kingdom is destroyed, the Silver Crystal splits into seven ‘Rainbow Crystals.’ This is to seal the Seven Great Youma. In episode 34, the Silver Crystal makes its first appearance. Tuxedo Mask is again saving Sailor Moon, but from Zoisite. He is wounded badly and Sailor Moon cries again creating the Rainbow Crystals. They form the Silver Crystal and Princess Serenity is revealed. It is attached to the Moon Stick and Sailor Moon is able to fend off Kunzite’s attacks. In the future not only does the crystal create Crystal Tokyo, it also heals the Earth.

    Sailor Moon keeps the Silver Crystal in her compacts. In the anime, the crystal has the ability to create a shield. Also attaching it to the Moon Stick it was able to heal people back to their normal states. It can also borrow power from the other Sailor Senshi’s to create more power for itself. In the anime it is more used and takes many shapes.

    There is also another Silver Crystal. Since Sailor Chibi Moon is the daughter of Neo-Queen Serenity, she also possesses a crystal. In the anime, the crystal evolves into the Pink Moon Crystal and allows her to change into the Eternal form.

    The Sword of the Mystical Silver Crystal was originally found on the moon by the Sailo Senshi. Sailor Venus was the one to free it from the ground. It originated from the Silver Millennium and was created to protect the princess. Princess Serenity used the sword to commit suicide after she found out Prince Endymion died. Sailor Venus then used the sword to kill Queen Beryl to avenge them.

    Later on the sword is used again by Sailor Venus to kill Queen Beryl. A strange writing appeared on the sword telling how to seal Beryl away, only Sailor Venus could read the words. The sword is last seen when Sailor Venus uses it to call the power of the other Senshi’s to find Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask. This only leaves them powerless and the plan failed.

    In the musical, however, the sword is pulled out by Sailor Jupiter. It is pulled from a stone instead of the ground.

  • Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 24 Review

    Sailor Moon Crystal Ep. 24 Review

    Spoilers Ahead

     Act 24


    Black Lady shows her true malice and powers by attacking the Sailor Scouts. She tells Tuxedo Mask to attack them and then kisses him right in front of Sailor Moon. After this, Sailor Moon and Black Lady fight. Once the fight is over, is it told that the Wise man is actually from the Dark Moon Planet. Sailor Pluto’s past comes up at this time as well.

     Black Lady and Wise man

    The battle of the Wise man (with the help of Black Lady) and Sailor Moon rages on. Diana attempts to help, but ends up switching places with Sailor Pluto. The battle starts to become to much for Sailor Moon to fight on and gives up the fight. Instead she tries to talk to her future daughter and tell her it is not too late.

    Tuxedo Mask takes the Silver Crystal
    At this time, Tuxedo Mask is able to steal the Silver Crystal from Sailor Moon. When Black Lady thinks she has both the past and future Silver Crystals, Prince Demande takes them from her. He places them close together and threatens everyone’s life. He explains that if they touch, they will explode or worse.
    Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 24 Review
    – Reviews by Fern

  • Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 23 Review

    Sailor Moon Crystal Ep. 23 Review

    Spoilers Ahead

     Act 23

    Chibiusa has some dad issues. If her parents spent more time with her, this wouldn’t be a problem. As Black Lacy, she kidnaps Tuxedo Mask for the Wise man. Sailor Moon and the group go to try to find Tuxedo Mask and the others. They end up finding Luna P and are forced to go home when Sailor Moon faints.
    Black Lady and Tuxedo Mask
    Black Lady takes Prince Demande to the Wise man and they attempt to challenge one another. The Wise man tells them to go capture Sailor Moon and the Silver Crystal of the past. Black Lady shows them that she has complete control over teh past Tuxedo Mask and he will do anything she asks.
    Black Lady
    Sailor Moon feels a shockwave from the future while in the past. The group decide to transform and head into the future. There they find Black Lady and the future Tuxedo Mask at the Crystal Castle. Black Lady tries to take the Silver Crystal, but is tossed out of the castle by Queen Serenity. The group go to confront Black Lady.

    Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 23 Review
    – Reviews by Fern

  • Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 22 Review

    Sailor Moon Crystal Ep. 22 Review

    Spoilers Ahead

     Act 22


    Chibiusa is tempted by the Wise man as he promises her everything that she needs. He coaxes her more by telling her they can be the to for each other. To me, the Wise man looks gross and no matter ho lonely, I would not take that hand. Yuck!! So much evil courses through Chibiusa that it hits Sailor Pluto in Time/Space.


    In the meantime, Sailor Venus and the Sailor cats are researching the Black Moon in the library. Tuxedo Mask finds Sailor Pluto hurt. She fears the worse for Chibiusa and tells Tuxedo Mask what might have happened. He decides to go to the past without a time key to rescue Chibiusa. At the same time,
    Sailor Moon
    Sailor Moon is wondering around looking for the missing Sailor Scouts. She is almost attacked by Blue Saphir but is saved by her future self. She contacts the other Sailor Scouts to meet her. Sailor Moon and the rest try to fight the Black Moon, but retreat in the end to the Time/Space gates. There Sailor Pluto explains what has happened. Chibiusa has turned into and evil mistress called Black Lady and kidnaps Tuxedo Mask for the Wise man.
    Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 22 Review
    – Reviews by Fern

  • Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 21 Review

    Sailor Moon Crystal Ep. 21 Review

    Spoilers Ahead

     Act 21


    Sailor Moon awakens from a terrible dream. She finds that she is in the palace of the enemy and that her body happens to be under some sort of control. Prince Demende is the one controlling her and makes her kiss him. The rest of the Sailor Scouts awaken to find that they can not transform. Before they are able to help Sailor Moon, they are struck down by the enemy.

     Sailor Moon
    Chibiusa is reminiscing about her past and how she has no friends. Well except for Sailor Pluto. It saddens her that her only friend was kidnapped by Tuxedo Mask who also made her a happy person.


    Chibiusa lacks a relationship with her mom and it shows greatly in this episode. It has caused her much hardship in her short life. The lack of relationship also has caused Chibiusa to do something to prove herself when she does not have to. This act may lead to helping the enemy in the end and be able to take over Crystal Tokyo. It also ends up turning her mother into a crystal statue.

    Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 21 Review
    – Reviews by Fern

  • Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 20 Review

    Sailor Moon Crystal Ep. 20 Review

    Spoilers Ahead

     Act 20

    Chibiusa brings Sailor Moon and the team to the future. There they happen to run into their future selves (go figure). They need each others help and agree to work together. There they also discover that Chibiusa is the daughter of Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask in the future. Diana is also the daughter of Artemis and Luna in the future.

    Tuxedo Mask

    As the Sailor Moon team begins to disappear, they decide to go back to their present time.They get back and Tuxedo Mask acts as if he has forgotten that both parents should be protecting Chibiusa. He begins to take responsibility for her. This makes Sailor Moon sad in the end and left out.


    While Chibiusa is under his care, she escapes to the future to fix problems herself. She is almost killed instead,because she is unable to transform to save herself. At the last minute, the Sailor Scouts arrive to save her.

    Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 20 Review
    – Reviews by Fern

  • Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 19 Review

    Sailor Moon Crystal Ep.19 Review

    Spoilers Ahead

     Act 19

    Mini Moon invites Sailor Moon and her team to go into the future with her. Before they go, Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask spend the night together and talk about their love for one another. Luna is also with them and she explains she has seen the time door once before. It was a long time ago though.

    Sailor Moon Crystal
    Sailor Moon and her team wake up the next morning and plan to go through time. Mini Moon opens the door and awaiting them there is Sailor Pluto. She allows them to pass by but does not go with them. Twins capture Sailor Moons team on the other side in glass. Sailor Moon is able to defeat them though.
    Sailor Moon Crystal
    This episode was really great. I was so glad to meet Sailor Pluto finally. I am sure that Sailor Moon is about to come to terms with who Mini Moon’s parents really are and I wonder if she can handle it?
    Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 19 Review
    – Reviews by Fern

  • Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 18 Review

    Sailor Moon Crystal Ep.18 Review

    Spoilers Ahead

     Act 18

    In the last episode, Sailor Jupiter was kidnapped. The new enemy is now able to harness their dead sister’s powers as well. Sailor Moon’s, Usagi’s, friends, Molly, tries to convert her into one of the evil beings. The enemy also uses the TV to brainwash the masses and the take over the world. During this time, Tuxedo Mask chooses to talk to his four guardians.
    Sailor Moon Crystal
    Mini Moon steals the brooch of Sailor Moon in an attempt to help her future mother. Sailor Venus is soon captured by the enemy. Tuxedo Mask saves Mini Moon and Sailor Moon. He was given new found powers while talking to his guards. After that, Sailor Moon is able to save Sailor Venus.
    This episode was an awesome episode to watch. I was glad that Sailor Venus was able to be saved as well. Next up is to save the future and help Mini Moon out!
    Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 17 Review
    – Reviews by Fern

  • Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 17 Review

    Sailor Moon Crystal Ep.17 Review

    Spoilers Ahead

     Act 17

    So Sailor Mercery got kidnapped in the last episode. Mini Moon tries to cheer up Sailor Moon, but Mini Moon is really the one that needs cheering up. Mini Moon beats all of the Sailor team’s scores on Sailor Venus arcade game. Both Sailor Moon & Mini Moon get really cute dolls. The Sailor team that is left starts to crack down and look for the kidnappers and why they, did kidnap them. The kidnappers want Mini Moon for some reason.

    We get to see the bad guy’s place. Where they are holding Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury and maybe Sailor Moon’s future self. Sailor Jupiter decides to tell a “friend that’s a boy” (might become her boyfriend in the future) about the Sailor team’s secret. Sailor Jupiter is so sick with a virus that the bad guys put into her body that she almost gets killed by a doppelganger. Sailor Jupiter battle! Sailor Moon kills the bad guy. But it’s to late to save Sailor Jupiter


    Awesome episode! Liked learning more about Sailor Jupiter’s past. How is the bad guys kidnapping the Sailor Team members so fast. We need to save them. My favorite Sailor Venus will not be captured. With out a fight. I give this episode a 9/10.

    Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 17 Review
    – Reviews by Fern

  • Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 16 Review

    Sailor Moon Crystal Ep.16 Review

    Spoilers Ahead

     Act 16

    So Sailor Mars got kidnapped in the last episode. Mini Moon was chewed out by Sailor moon for watching the bad guys take away Mars. Sailor Moon thinks that she might be an enemy. Mini Moon runs away at this point. Luna finds Mini moon in a park that night. She runs and gets Mamoru Chiba. Mini Moon fell asleep on the way back to Mamoru house. She has a bad dream about her parents needing her. When she wakes up she mystically in her pajamas. Tuxedo Mask and Luna try to cheer her up. Mamoru also noticed Mini Moon’s necklace. The Sailor team except for Mars starts to do some research on Mars’ kidnappers. Mamoru takes Mini Moon back to Sailor Moon is confused why he was with her and is still sad about Mars being kidnapped. So Momoru try’s to cheer her up and explain that Mini Moon is not their enemy.

    We meet our new enemy. The enemy challenges Sailor Mercury to a chess match. Which she had a hard time at first because of our enemy’s making fun of her and telling her she will be alone forever. But then Mercury sees Sailor Moon in the audience and wins. Mercury still has to fight the bad guys. She looks like she will easily win at first but at the end she is captured. The enemy is killed but Sailor moon can not save Mercury ether. Just like in the last episode. (Sailor Moon does not look very invisible right now)

    Awesome episode! Liked learning more about Sailor Mercury’s past and seeing some new gadgets at work. Like Mercury’s glasses. But the bad guy got killed to fast. Also the rest of the Sailor team did to little. I give this episode a 9/10.


    Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 16 Review
    – Reviews by Fern