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  • Akiba’s Trip Undead and Undressed (Video Game) Review

    Akiba’s Trip Undead and Undressed

    (Warning this review may contain slight spoiler)
    Akiba's Trip Undead and Undressed

    Akiba’s Trip Undead and Undressed is a video game made for Playstation’s game stations. It was made for the playstation 3, Playstation 4, and for the playstation Vita. I came into contact with this game while I was shopping for a new game for Playstation Vita and I came across this game. It is rated M for mature and after playing some of this game I can understand why.


    Gameplay of Akiba’s Trip Undead and Undressed

    Akiba's Trip Undead and Undressed
    In this game you play as an Otaku boy who wakes up in a strange place and there seem to be strange people watching him. He finds out that when he signed this contract for more Otaku Merchandise he also signed away his rights to not be experimented on.  He soon finds out that he is no longer human but something known as a synthesizer which is almost like a human created vampire. They can only go out into the sunlight with clothing on or else they will burn up and die. You are soon rescued by a beautiful girl with silver hair who tells you that the company that tricked you is the reason that people are going missing on the streets. He decides that he does not want to turn into another mindless zombie like everyone else and that he will instead fight these are synthesizers and try to keep the piece of humanity left. He must go around and try and strip the clothes off of other Synthesizers which is not easy when they know that they if you succeed in stripping them they will die.


    Battle System of Akiba’s Trip Undead and Undressed

    Akiba's Trip Undead and Undressed
    The game fighting is different than others games. You get weapons in which you can upgrade to make more powerful. In this game you must weaken an enemies armor so that you can rip there armor off. You can also force their clothes off by trying your hardest to pull their clothes off in time before they can repel you off. You can also learn new combos in which you can rip the enemy’s clothes off in more exciting ways.  In this game you can go against one enemy at a time or fight a giant mob of them all at once. You can even weaken many enemies’ armor and do a combination strip in which you can rip off many pieces of clothes all at once. Some problems in the game is the fact that you also wear armor that enemy can rip off and if they can rip all of your clothes off then you will die. They however cannot use combinations to rip off more than one item of clothing at a time.


    Overall Thoughts on of Akiba’s Trip Undead and Undressed

    Akiba's Trip Undead and Undressed
    This game is a lot of fun even though it shows moments where a girl and or man will only be in their underwear. It is still a lot of fun and I would give Akiba’s Trip Undead and Undressed 3.5 stars out of 5. Akiba’s Trip Undead and Undressed also received 4 out of 5 stars on gamefaqs and Akiba’s Trip Undead and Undressed got 65 out of 100 on metacritc. It was also award of #6 highest rated Playstation Vita game on gamefaqs.com


  • Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment (Video Game) Review

    Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment Player Review

    Sword Art Online Hollow Fragments
    PSVITA game cover

    *Spoilers are present*

    Review by Yu


    Format: Digital Download



    Rating: T

    Cost: $39.99 (US)


    Overview of SAO Hollow Fragments

    Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment
    Hollow Area

    To start, Hollow Fragment takes place in a alternative ending to Sword Art Online (Anime), where a glitch in the game, causes Heathcliff to disappear before the finishing blow.

    Now with nothing to do and unable to log out of the game, Kirito and 108 Members of the Assault Team including Agil, Klein, Asuna, Silica, and Lizbeth must continue from Floor 76 to Floor 100, while being unable to return the lower Floors of Aincrad (#1-75).

    Along with the glitch, it made the game unstable and unlocked a new area to Kirito known as the “Hollow Area”. Here is where we meet Philia, a female Treasure Hunter, who has been trapped in the Hollow Area unable to return to Aincrad. As the game starts you learn that this Area has High Level Monsters, including Floor Bosses that have been weakened to the point that two people can take them down (So far from what I’ve seen, you can fight the Grim Reaper (Floor 75 Boss) and Ilfang the Kobold Lord (Floor 1 Boss)). No more details of the Hollow Area will be released.


    Characters of SAO Hollow Fragments

    Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment
    Create Your Character

    The Main Characters that return to this alternate version of SAO return. Including Kirito, Asuna, Yui, Agil, Klein, Lizbeth, and Silica (with Pina of course). The new Side Main Characters are Suguha (Kirito’s sister) who during this time plays ALO (Even thou ALO was made after SAO was shut down), but because of the glitch in the game, transfers her in to SAO, where she sees Kirito again for the first time in 2 years. Sinon, who during this time, was in use of a therapy version of the NervGear (most likely due to her fear of guns) and has lost her memory. Next is Strea, a girl that sudden appeared to Kirito, while following him through Floor 76, not much is known in the beginning about her, time will tell who she really is. Finally Philia, a Treasure Hunter who has been trapped in the Hollow Area, unable to leave, not much is known of her past. You can expect to see some side characters from the show like Argo, the Info Broker, who helped Kirito find the Revival Item for Sachi.


    Gameplay of SAO Hollow Fragment

    Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment
    Game Play

    The game is designed to feel like a MMO, but it is a illusion, and so people know, it is free roam. The game moves very well in the field and in the city. You can expect some lag in high populated areas of the main Root Town (Arc Sophia). The graphics look great move smoothly and feels great.  It has a Dating Feature in the game, so you can date any of the female characters (or Klein, or everyone). The game includes Co-op, but only locally and takes place only in the Hollow Area, and a Concealed Area.

    Fighting in the game focuses on BURST and SKILL Attacks. BURST is like where you just started a fight and full of energy and does more damage, but has to be used wisely along with the RISK bars, which is the form of how angry the monster is at you, at this time you would SWITCH with your PARTNER, to reduce the RISK, Switch can NOT be used over and over, it has to recharge before using it again. SKILLS are your main asset in SAO, they are your strong attacks you use and also your Finishers as well.­ SKILLS do require a cost, for this game it is SP, regular attack skills use 100 out of a total of 300 (Unless you upgrade your skills).

    Great anime and animated cutscenes to it making it a Graphic Novel as well.

    Also just like the show, there are different weapons that you can use not just Kirito’s Dual Blades. Plus you don’t have to keep him too, you can make your own character, but it can only be male, but you can try to make your Kirito look feminine if you would like.


    Experience Opinion of SAO Hollow Fragment

    Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment
    I have played over a total of 18 hours in the game and currently on Floor 80. I honestly enjoy this game very much since it is a good action narrative game, along with the free roam and the exploration of the Unreleased Floors of Aincrad (76 – 100). Plus I can’t wait till I reach Floor 100 to see this alternative ending to the Sword Art Online Franchise.


    Score Rating

    I give the Game a 9/10
    -DLC Available (Including one for 30 extra hours of content, date unannounced)
    -Free Roam
    -MMO Feel
    -Great Narrative and Cutscenes
    -New Untold side of SAO
    -Only Local Coop**
    -Hack & Slash
    -Large Skill Tree that takes long to master a skill**
    -Leveling up is hard and takes time and many battles**

    “**” is for main concerns of the game that may cause you to play the game longer than you intended to or something people might not like.­