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    Anime: Katekyo Hitman Reborn

    Age: 24
    DOB: October 10
    Star sign: Libra
    Blood Type: O
    Weight: 80KG
    Occupation: Leader of Varia
    Family: Vongola
    Box Weapon: Bester (Armatura Platino Ligre Tempesta di Cieli) Armor platinum Sky/Storm Liger
    Flame: Sky/Wrath(Harmony)
    Duty: Rain, Storm, Cloud, Sun, mist, and Lightning. He influences all of them. He understands and accepts all of them.
    Weapon: X-Guns
    Main Attacks:
    Scoppio D’Ira( Burst of Wrath) – Releasing flames from the X-gun Simultaneously.
    Bocciolo di Fiamma (Bud of Flame) – Using the X-guns to fly around his opponent and shoot causing the shape of a bud at the enemies feet.
    Colpo D’Addiio (Blow of Farewell) –  Using the X-guns to store power, then releasing two giant shots
    Martello Di Fiamma (Hammer of Flame) – Xanxus strongest shot




    He was given to the 9th as a child, seeing he had control off the sky flame of wrath at a early age. He later finds out that he is not the son of the ninth that he believed and does not meet what the 9th sees in a predecessor, which causes him to rage and get frozen by the tenth using the first’s style of zero point breakthrough leaving scars all over his body. He is also seen with black hair. He has a ruthless personality even towards his team.

    Ring Battle Arc: During this arc he is seen in the Lightning battle getting Tsuna’s half of the ring because he saved Lambo. He is most notably in the cloud guardian arc where it is revealed he put the 9th in a mosca and blames Tsuna for hurting the 9th while in there. They later settle things in the Sky Ring battle were his weapons are revealed the duel pistols, x-guns. He uses them to fight and fly. He is later frozen by Tsuna using the Zero Point Breakthrough: First edition. He is then thawed by the rings, but is revealed to be incompatible with them.

    Future Arc: He is seen fighting the Storm Funeral Wreath using his Vongola box and his X-guns; turning the enemy to stone.

    The Curse of the Arcobaleno Arc: He fights for Mammon – his Mist Guardian – and gets the new set of the Varia rings. His ring allows his Vongola Box, with the new platinum armor to fuse with his weapon in a Cambio Forma. The X-guns, Pistola Imperatore Animale, gain power and a new design. He and Hibari also engage in combat. In which they both do so with the same type of attitude.


    Chosen by Tsuna Decimo