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  • Character of the Month: Yoko Littner

    Yoko Littner

    Anime: Gurren Lagann

    Yoko Littner
    Race: Human
    Occupation: Sniper then kindergarten teacher
    Hometown: Littner Village, Jeeha
    Base of Operation: Dai-Gurren
    Ability: Firearms Specialist



    Yoko Littner

    Yoko is the main female protagonist of Gurren Lagann. She has long red hair, in which she keeps in a ponytail and carries her trusty, long range, sniper rifle on her back. She’s first introduced into the anime as she was chasing the Gunmen who crashed into Jeeha. Since then, she’s been with Simon & Kamina in fighting other Gunmen.

    Yoko is a very mature person who is very kind and caring and also knowledgeable. She can be extremely aggressive as shown numerous times with Kamina. She’s very good at fighting and is very confident in her skills. She likes to think things over before charging straight into battles and cares deeply for her friends and teammates.

    Yoko is first introduced in the anime when Simon and Kamina attempts to defeat the Gunmen who showed up at their home and helps them defeat him despite Kamina’s ego. She decides to join them and provides them with backup fire and support. Later into the series, she reveals her feelings to Kamina and they both embrace one another and share a kiss. Kamina is soon killed and she’s devastated, but continues to fight. Later on during the Anti-Spiral War arc, Yoko helps establish Kamina City but decides to leave for a small island in which she becomes a teacher named Yomako. She later hears about Simon’s trial and gets upset. Then, while the island is evacuated, two Beastmen attack and hold a little girl hostage. She defeats the Beastmen all while teaching her class that violence and stealing is wrong. She decides to help Simon and tells Kittan of her plan to save him.

    Yoko is a very skilled marksman. She can shoot her rifle at an enemy weak spot and defeat two Gunmen without being injured and by herself. The best moment of marksman she’s shown is when she piloted Gurren Lagann and nearly hit Viral. She also an extremely skilled gunmen pilot who took out many Anti-Spiral ships alone and piloted Gurren Lagann & Dayakkaiser. Her gun skills are amazing, thus making it difficult for her to get injured because she’s that good at handling  her rifle.

    Yoko Littner

    Yoko is my character of the week because she’s awesome. She doesn’t depend on others to fight for her and can stand up for herself. She gets along with everyone in the Dai-Gurren crew and cares for them. I totally ship her with Kamina cause they are so awesome and cute together heehee. Anyway, Yoko is a strong, pride woman who doesn’t need to showoff her fighting skills cause its immediately displayed in the anime. I love the fact she doesn’t wear clothes and wears cute outfits because clothes are hard to move in, so I can understand her choice of clothing. Yoko is just so awesome and I think is highly underrated, so she is my character of the week. See ya✌