The Armors of Ronin Warriors

The Nine Mystical Armors of Ronin Warrior

Thousands of years ago, nine mystical Armors were created to protect the Mortals from the Evil realms. Each armor was then associated with either an element of a season.

The Tale of the Nine Armors

A long time ago Talpa, emperor of the Evil realm, wanted to take over the human world. Since he was from another realm, no human could defeat him. That is until the Ancient One came along. He was able to banish Talpa back into the Evil realm. Talpa was forced to leave his armor behind though. The Ancient One knew this could be dangerous, so he divided the armor into nine separate suits: Righteousness, Grace, Trust, Justice, Wisdom, Loyalty, Obedience, Piety, and finally Serenity.

A Look at Each Armor

Each armor has their own special abilities, depending on their element or seasons. Each armor also gives the wearer enhanced strength and endurance. The wearer also has the ability to survive harsh climates.

The Elemental Armors

These five armors are fighting to take down Talpa and his four Warlords. They fight for the humans of the mortal realm.

The Armor of Wildfire

Wearer: Ryo Sanada

Virtue: Righteousness

Element: Fire

Charges at: Mount Fuji

Surekill Move: Wildfire Flare

The Armor of Halo

Wearer: Seiji Date

Virtue: Grace

Element: Light

Charges at: Caves of Autumn

Surekill Move: Thunderbolt Cut

The Armor of Torrent

Wearer: Cye Mouri

Virtue: Trust

Element: Water

Charges at: Naruto Strait

Surekill Move: Super Wave Smasher

The Armor of Hardrock

Wearer: Kento Rei Fuan

Virtue: Justice

Element: Earth

Charges at: Mount Daisetsu

Surekill Move: Iron Rock Crusher

The Armor of Strata

Wearer: Rowen Hasiba

Virtue: Wisdom

Element: Air

Charges at: Earth’s Atmosphere

Surekill Move: Arrow Shockwave

The Seasonal Armors

This is the list of the four season Armors that were taken back by Talpa. These Warlords serve as his personal bodyguards and they fight the Ronin Warriors to regain the other five armors.

The Armor of Cruelty

Wearer: Anubis, Lady Kayura

Virtue: Loyalty

Season: Springtime

The Armor of Corruption

Wearer: Kale

Virtue: Obedience

Season: Winter

The Armor of Venom

Wearer: Sekhmet

Virtue: Piety

Season: Autumn

The Armor of Illusion

Wearer: Dais

Virtue: Serenity

Season: Summer