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  • Princess Jellyfish (Anime) Review

    Princess Jellyfish Review

    (Warning: This review contains minor spoilers. It won’t affect your watching experience much, but they are still there)

    Princess Jellyfish

    I began watching Princess Jellyfish because it was on Netflix. I had already seen all the anime that I wanted to see on Netflix, so I began watching it. I instantly fell in love with the characters and the story.


    Plot of Princess Jellyfish

    Tsukimi Kurashita watching a jellyfish

    One day on Tsukimi Kurashita’s way home, she stops by the pet store to visit her favorite jellyfish. There, she notices that there is another jellyfish in the same tank. She realizes that with this new jellyfish, her beloved friend will die for sure. While she tries to warn the shop clerk, she is turned into the stone at the sight of how stylish the shop owner actually is. All members of the sisterhood cannot be around the stylish, or else they will turn into stone. She is then suddenly pushed down by a shop clerk, a beautiful girl named Kuranosuke. Kuranosuke appears behind her and helps Tsukimi rescue the jellyfish. When Tsukimi and Kuranosuke get back to Tsukimi’s home, they put the jellyfish in the bathtub. Afterwards, the beautiful girl lies down in Tsukimi’s bedroom and falls asleep. After giving up on waking her up, Tsukimi falls asleep as well. The next morning, Tsukimi wakes up to find out that the beautiful girl that helped her was actually a boy who enjoys dressing up in drag. This is where it all begins, as Kuranosuke and Tsukimi slowly become friends, while Tsukimi tries not to tell Kuranosuke’s secret to anyone in the sisterhood. Bringing a man into the sisterhood is considered an act of treason amongst them.

    While Tsukimi and Kuranosuke become friends, Kuranosuke begins to take interest in Tsukimi’s appearance and starts to dress her up so that she looks like a stylish. This is when she meets Shu for the very first time. Shu and Tsukimi become friends as they go to the thing that Tsukimi loves most, the jellyfish in her bathtub. Shu slowly finds his way into Tsukimi’s heart as Tsukimi finds her way into Shu’s heart. Then a problem begins to occur. The entire area around their building is being torn down to put up new buildings. The next building to be demolished is their building! The sisterhood must now enter the world of the stylish and try to save their building from the temptress who is trying to tear down it. Tsukimi is suddenly plunged into a pool of sadness as her heart is slowly breaking into pieces. However, she cannot stay in the pool, for she must try and save their building from being torn down!


    Characters of Princess Jellyfish

    Princess Jellyfish
    The Sisterhood

    Princess Jellyfish is centered on an otaku girl named Tsukimi Kurashita, who is in love with all things involving jellyfish. She has recently turned 18 and has moved away from her father to an apartment with a bunch of girls who call themselves “The Sisterhood.” They are all a lot like Tsukimi, as they are all obsessed with one thing or another. Banba has a extreme love for all things involving trains. Then there is Mayaya, a girl who loves all things related to Nine Kingdom. We also have Chieko, who loves to make kimonos for her little dolls, who she considers to be her children. Jiji loves old men and collects anything she can that has old men on it. Finally there is Ms. Mejiro, who hates the light. She is also known as the best yaoi manga creator in all of Japan.

    This anime is one of my absolute favorite anime. It tells the tale of a heroine who does not always have everything going her way. It is a truly unique story full of romance/comedy. Also, it is an inspiring story about a young girl who never thought she could become a princess.

    Overall Score: 9/10