What is Gundanium Alloy?

Gundanium Alloy of Gundam Wing

Gundanium Alloy is a compound that can only be created in zero-gravity space. Not only is it a very strong alloy, radars can not detect it due to it being electrically non-conductive. Even though it is very strong, it is extremely expensive to be mass produced. At first it was called Genetic on Universal Neutrally Different Alloy (or GND for short). Soon “nium” was added to the end this naming it Gundanium.

No compound compares to the immutable Gundanium Alloy. Refining this alloy makes it neutral to electricity. This is an ideal alloy for Beam weapons and ales the armor resistant to charge. Even though it is called Gundanium Alloy, it actually contains a lot of metals that are non-ferrous and other material that is not analyzed not making it a true metal.

How is it Created?

This alloy is created in plasma with high temperatures. It can only be formed in zero gravity. They use nano units to adjust any compounds. This is extremely hard and the process is done in Lagrange Points for gravitational stability. Then the alloy is strengthens with a process called annealing. They use electromagnetic waves (from the sun) to perform this process.

The armor may sound extremely protective, even against corrosion, but the armor can still be damaged by Beam attacks. The armor helps with reducing the attack, though, through an anti field.

Suits that are made from Gundanium Alloy (in some form)

Wing Gundam (And its descendants)

Deathsythe (And its descendants)

Heavyarms (And its descendants)

Shenlong (And its descendants)

Sandrock (And its descendants)

Tallgeese (And its descendants)


Mercurius (left) and Vayeate (right)

Virgo series

Scorpio series