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Poll: Most contributing DBZ Character

Android 18

Android 18 with 4 votes


Poll: Favorite Miyazaki film

Princess Mononoke

Princess Mononoke with 5 votes


Poll: Favorite Gundam series

Gundam Wing

Gundam SEED

Tie between Gundam Wing and Gundam SEED with 2 votes each


Poll: Favorite Sailor Moon Sailor Scout (older series): Sailor Mars with 2 votes

Sailor Mars

Poll: Favorite One Piece character


Luffy with 3 vote



Best God-Complexed Character by Marij91
Favorite Shinigami (Besides Ryuk)
Is Attack on Titan Overrated?
Best Naruto Antagonist by Tiggy9000
Best Episodic Anim
1 2

4 Responses to | Anime Fun |

  1. Avatar AaronVianno
    AaronVianno says:

    Could you please do more posts on DBZ, Full Metal Alchemist, Flame of Recca, Grander Musashi, and Sakura the Card Captor???!!!

    • I will create a few polls and make sure to get some posts up about those anime’s! Sorry it took so long to write back.

  2. Avatar Ghibli Lover
    Ghibli Lover says:

    Can you please have more posts about Studio Ghibli, and some up to date Animes, too